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Acess Password Recovery Tool

Ultra-fast and outstandingly easy Access password recovery

Ultra-fast and outstandingly easy Access password recovery
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Password Recovery for Accessis a compact and affordable solution for fast and reliable recovery of passwords from protected Microsoft Access JET databases that can save hours or even days of time and ample amounts of recovery service fees.

Access Password Recovery – How does it work?

The primary purpose of the Access Password Recovery program [ download ] is to allow users to get passwords for Microsoft Access *.mdb files or completely remove the Access MDB protection, thus making their files fully editable in MS Access or third-party database editors.

Access Password Recovery

Access Password Recovery

Download Access Password Recovery

The Access Password Recovery software only works with passwords to open, the most basic and at the same time the most popular type of password. Other passwords, such as user and group level passwords, VBA project passwords and database owner passwords are not supported at the moment. Access Password Recovery tool ses a proprietary file analysis algorithm that is capable of breaking an Access password with blazing speed, which means that you won’t need to leave your PC for hours and bring your work to a complete halt. You can recover Access passwords from encrypted and unencrypted Access databases, recover passwords of up to 20 characters in length (including non-printable characters) and work with database files in the LAN. For ultimate recovery efficiency, Password Recovery for Access uses a combination of approaches to get past the most popular protection algorithms used by MS Access, including the alteration of the database version, use of non-printable characters and data encoding.

Password Recovery for Access

One of the great things about Access Password Recovery tool is that it works with all kinds of password encodings (numeric, alpha-numeric, ANSI and Unicode) and all versions of Access database files: 95, 97, 2000, XP and 2003. Apart from this, the Access Password Recovery software supports the recovery of passwords containing non-printable characters.

Password Recovery for Access has an extremely simple interface that won’t let you get lost. It’s an absolute no-brainer employing a one click approach to getting things done.

The password access recovery program will come in especially handy for recovering or removing passwords set by former employees, inexperienced users or even competitors or third parties whose project was eventually entrusted to you for maintenance, customization or further development.

How does the Access Password Recovery program perform speed-wise?

Accessp Password RecoveryThe software is extremely fast and outperforms most of its competitors thanks to its unique file analysis and Access password extraction algorithms. Note that Password Recovery for Access is not a hacking tool that uses brute force and dictionaries to find passwords. This software exploits a weakness in the security system used by Access for password protection. As the result, you can get your password and reset it within a very short time. You won’t need to spend hours or days waiting for Password Recovery for Access to go through millions of possible character combinations.

Access Password Recovery tool is truly a supercharged dragster in the world of Access password recovery tools!

Password Recovery for Access Key features:
  • Easy and fast recovery of passwords from Microsoft Access files (*.mdb)
  • Always at your service: the super-compact size of the program allows you to keep it on a memory card or USB drive
  • Full support of the most popular versions of Microsoft Access JET Databases, including 95, 97, 2000, XP and 2003
  • Ability to copy the recovered password to the system clipboard or remove it completely right from the program
  • Support of encrypted and non-encrypted Access databases
  • Ability to recover multi-lingual passwords in various encodings (ANSI, Unicode, numeric/alpha-numeric)
  • Completely autonomous operation: Microsoft Access is not required for password recovery
  • Recovery of passwords with non-printable characters
  • Ability to recover passwords from files using protection based on database version alteration

Access Password RecoveryMicrosoft Access is one of the most popular database management systems on the market today. Much of this success can be attributed to the fact that it’s been an integral part of Microsoft Office since early 90’s, so it was a natural choice for many millions of users who wanted to learn how to use databases in their daily work and users who wanted to take advantage of the product’s ease of use, tight integration with other Microsoft products and wide industrial support. Thanks to such considerable market exposure, the MDB database format gradually became one of the most common database types in the world that lies in the foundation of millions of applications that calculate taxes and salaries, store scientific data, help people find the necessary information a do a whole lot more. Access databases can be protected with a password and a lot of users to protect their files from unauthorized access this way. However, passwords get lost and forgotten, and that’s the kind of situation Password Recovery for Access was specifically designed for!

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